26 JULY — 26 August
Business English and Pitching skills for Non-Natives
95% of business conversations in English all around the world are between non-natives.

So don't let your barriers hold you back. We are here to help you:
Speak English with confidence in business occasions
Communicate brightly and clearly when pitching, negotiating, or networking
Eliminate common mistakes
Boost your global connections


wanting to feel

confidence in

business occasions


preparing for a pitch/ presentation/report or negotiations in English


who aim to make a selling pitch deck validated by native experts

English level B1-B2 and above required. Having your pitch deck draft at the start would also be nice. Making the pitch deck from scratch will take extra time and hold you back.
We believe good pitching requires strong skills of communication, public speaking, and presentation DESIGN.
5 group workshops, 8 individual training sessions with our tutors, 7 tracking meetings. During individual sessions, you choose your focus and goals to work towards.
Every other Saturday is for group workshops. Training sessions with tutors are scheduled individually. To keep you on track and help you along the way, our tutors and organizers will create with you a Telegram chat for communication and fun tasks.
We will cover:
At the end of each block you will have a training pitch with invited accessors for a knowledge and skill check. And finally, we will have the…
A public pitch, where VC representatives, native-speaking entrepreneurs, experts and invited guests will provide feedback and potentially bring their assets and attention to the best teams.
We have a special cast of entrepreneurs and investors for each batch of students, but here are the experts from the last demo pitch:
What a chance! Past success stories show that some of our participants have come to improve their language skills and got a cheque from investors in the end.
Growth Partner at EvoluteSix, Egypt
➞ Nour El Din Houssein
International EdTech startup founder, part of the management team of the startup VResorts, Singapore
➞ Josh Cole
Founder at Kaner International / VP of Business Development at Sigma Software Group, Israel
➞ Mark Kaner
A cofounder of Novelty.ai, University of Warwick in Financial Economics
➞ Nika Koreli
LATAM region expert. From Salesforce automation, Luxembourg
➞ Jaime Yela
5 group workshops with experts, 4 hours each appr.
8 individual trainings with our tutors, 60-minute each
weekly tracking
2 pitch trainings with invited accessors
work in our group chat
native-speakers’ revision of the pitch deck and the speech
demo day with potential partners, investors and invited guests
competence development state diploma
from 600€
We kick-off on the 26th of June. If you are ready to master your pitching skills till the end of summer fill out the form.