Palta is a co-founding company established by Yuri Gurski, who has successfully built and scaled tech products enjoyed by over 500 million users worldwide
➞ Rebranding from a venture firm Haxus to Palta
➞ Product management & research approach to the website development
➞ Carried out tens of custdev interviews With the client’s team, their portfolio Companies and target audience
➞ Media coverage in Forbes,
➞ Grew Linkedin from O to 3.2k organic Followers without any ads
➞ Guest speaker at Wolves Summit Startup conference
➞ Creating a Career page (arranging interviews With URC and forming key messages, Web-design and copywriting)

➞ Designed website with new design elements
➞ Customer development interviews & research
➞ PR & speaker opportunities
➞ Community building via SMM, blog and community groups