since 2021

Pipeline and portfolio management For the Joint Journey, Sergei Dashkov’s investment office

➞ 170+ global companies attracted by spot scouting through the channels of SOLYANKA
1500+ start-ups that came through all client channels were analyzed in the first stage of the selection process
815+ startups were given in-depth scoring by analytical teams
has invested in 76 global companies at Seed-Round A stages since June
71+ investment committees have been held
Developed an online platform that automates all routine funnel and portfolio processes

Scoring start-ups, giving feedback to start-ups, analyzing projects
Defined the onboarding and tracking process for investee companies
Defined and described the startup analytics process and the investment fund funnel
Automated the investor's invitation system designed to participate in investment committees
Creating conditions for investors to implement their projects through our analysis system
Built a seamless working process for 5 analytical teams; the recruitment and training process for 3 analytical teams