Here you can book an individual online lesson with a tutor. You have in total 8 individual meeting to pass between April 18 and June 10.

All the tutors have different approaches and professional expertise, so you can choose what fits you best. We recommend you to have at least one meeting with each tutor before May 10 and then choose one for the other 4 meetings.

Do not hesitate to ask Julia any questions you might have.

Welcome to the English for pitching course.
Meet our tutors
Self introductions and business vocabulary
with Matt Clarke
Matt is a multi-talented British native from Oxford, delivering high quality teaching of the English language to students of varying levels. He is a degree qualified engineer who has worked within a major automotive company and ran own limited company in the UK.
Product Introduction and Networking
with Anita Raymond Grey
Anita Grey is a member of London-based organizations such as BioLadies, Women of Wearable Technologies, and Fashion Revolution. A Ted Speaker and Tavrida Art Expert on Innovate and Sustainable design solutions. Anita has experience in teaching cultural diversities, critical and design thinking.
Enhance your public speaking skills with Maria Shatokhina
Maria has over 10 years of experience teaching English for senior and company executives. Honors Diploma in Public Speaking. –°oached by a New Zealand Public Speaking Champion.

- accent reduction
- breathing techniques
- improving the clarity of speech and the way of delivery
- impromptu speech practicing

Sales and cross cultural skills
with Rayees Ahmad Wani
Rayees is an International business development manager, strategic investment consultant, sales trainer, speaker. Cross cultural strategy manager, business developer, sales trainings expert to different types of sales teams in an organization like inside sales, marketing, sales managers, project managers.